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About Dr. van Dongen

J.P. van Dongen, M.D. is board-certified in family medicine, practicing since 1983. The son of physicians and a native South African, Dr. van Dongen graduated from the Medical School of the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg in 1982. He studied anesthesiology as his first residency at the University of Cape Town, working alongside Dr. Chris Barnard the world's first heart transplant surgeon.

After passing the U.S. medical school exams, Dr. van Dongen completed a second, three-year residency in Family Practice at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, and graduated as Chief Resident. He has practiced medicine in Naples since 1997, has hospital privileges at Naples Community Hospital and North Collier Hospital, and networks with physicians at other hospitals.

Dr. van Dongen has volunteered at the "Neighborhood Health Clinic" since 1999, caring for the uninsured and working poor, continuing his mission to give back to this wonderful community of ours.

In the doctor's words - "I have been fortunate enough to have experienced many different healthcare systems as I have held medical licenses and have worked in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and now in the U.S.A. After all this experience, I have chosen to return to the practice style that I originally graduated into, in which you, the patient, is placed first, your time is respected by not keeping you waiting, and access includes good old fashioned house calls. Combining this focus on service with modern technology increases safety, enables me to more appropriately answer your calls after hours since I can access your chart from home, and provides more time for me to focus on you rather than on paperwork."

About Dr. Repay

Dr. Joseph Repay began his medical career as a physical therapist in 2003. Wanting to more fully participate in his patients' recovery and well-being, Dr. Repay attended and graduated from St. Matthew's University School of Medicine in 2012. Dr. Repay is board-certified in Internal Medicine and was Resident of the Year in 2013 at Mercer University College of Medicine. Dr. Repay joins our practice in 2018 after working at Naples Community Hospital as a hospitalist since 2016.

In the doctor's words - "I am a motivated, disciplined, and well-rounded individual with many interests both within and outside of the realm of medicine and healthcare, and my intention is to practice medicine in a holistic, integrated way that promotes wellness, vitality, and quality of life."